Thinking warmer weather with J. Crew Factory

This past week with the ridiculous blizzard, I got to day dreaming about warmer weather hopefully coming our way! I checked out one of my favorite sites for those basic wardrobe essentials like shorts and tees, and I think I found some good items!!!

First up, the striped studio t-shirt. I know, navy and white stripes for summer in New England? Groundbreaking! Seriously though, the price on this tee is $18.50 now which is a great price and this is one of those essentials for me to wear casually with shorts, OR throw on a nicer statement necklace and pair with a skirt.


So if you read my blog or check out my instagram pics, you know about my dalmatian Mizpah. She is my best friend and I just love her to pieces. I saw this tee, now $21.50 and literally eeped out loud! I wish it wasn’t a gray tee because its a little blah, but the dal on it is too cute.

This mini skirt is navy on white for $32, and the print is just beautiful. I think it would look great with a tee or tank top or could be dressed up a little with a sleeveless blouse and navy blazer with the right shoes.


For me, the 5″ length shorts are my happy place, you might be happier with 3″ or 10″, to each their own. J. Crew Factory has these pull on shorts….and they do have the elastic waistband, but they look nice, not like workout or pajama shorts! They look perfect for throwing on with a tee or tank to head out for a warm day…..especially if you know you are going to be eating a lot haha….cookouts…fried seafood….ice cream….ugh is it summer yet?? I got the coral and navy…might end up getting the green if they work out!


Other items that I was checking out as part of my summer daydream storm retail therapy include this shimmer boucle dress,  this gemstone tassel necklace, and this camp tunic shirt.

What items have you been checking out for this coming spring and summer??

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4 thoughts on “Thinking warmer weather with J. Crew Factory

  1. I ADORE that dalmatian tee!!! 😍 if I can find it for less than $25 USD, I might just order it! I also love that skirt- I just discovered J Crew Factory’s lightweight skirts and I’m in LOVE. Our Factory store is opening in May, so now I have to decide if I should order some or wait!


    1. That’s awesome! I love J Crew Factory for skirts, work pants (Frankie chino and Lexie pants), shorts, and the fun tees that pop up now and again. They also have some nice button down shirts sometimes to wear alone or under sweaters/vests. I kinda wish the dalmatian tee was maybe a faded red…but honestly, I struggle to pass up anything dalmatian related!!! 🙂

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      1. So for me it has been a little hit or miss. I have the classic button down in the blue/white vert. stripes that fits great, and then a thinner gingham shirt that is tighter in the chest and I really wear it mostly under things. I have a camp shirt, not the tunic, from a couple years ago that I like the fit of too. The fit/style/material of the shirts there seems to change frequently. One year its boyfriend fit, the next its classic, the next its gauze, then its a pullover, so it can be tough to predict whats going to work and what won’t!!


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