Hampton Beach with Mizpah

Yesterday was quite the day for my pup Mizpah. We did off leash fun at a park with awesome trails near us and then made the short trip to Hampton Beach. Massachusetts and Maine both have beaches with more lenient rules for dogs in the offseason. Maine beaches and some of the beaches on the cape actually allow dogs during the summer before a certain time and after a certain time…usually before 9 and after 5. I moved to New Hampshire, the land of live free or die, and our short coast line here is made up of state parks and there is a hard and fast rule that there are no dogs allowed. Even the short sections of beach that are considered “town beach” can’t be accessed without going through state beaches.

We went expecting to just walk along the boardwalk- not as good as walking on the beach, but still nice views. When we got there though, sure enough there were lots of people walking their dogs on the beach! They were all on leash. It seems like the rule is in effect, but just not enforced because the rangers aren’t around patrolling.

Pretty unbelievable that all the snow melted in much of the trails! My outfit was perfect for the weather. The needlepoint hat from Smathers & Branson, my Barbour Argon jacket (sold out but similar here) , LLBean scarf (sold out), and my LLBean boots held up nicely on this cool day. 
One end of Hampton Beach, past here its mostly rocks up against the wall
Mizpah loves the feeling of sand between her paws
Running around the beach with Mizpah
Down at the other end of the beach, a very brave surfer heading into the water

It was strange to be at Hampton with all the stores and restaurants boarded up, but it was also so nice and quiet! Hampton Beach is…..lively in the summer. The first time I went to Hampton was in 6th grade with two friends and I was totally overwhelmed in a good way I guess. The beach, arcade, and all the food. I had only ever been to Wingaersheek, Crane, and Good Harbor on the North Shore in MA where we brought our food in a cooler and just ran around the beach. The best deal on the boardwalk was at Sal’s Pizza- $5 for a huge slice of pizza and a can of soda. There’s the Candy Corner, the numerous trashy tshirt companies, and leaving the beach, we always had to stop for ice cream at Hodgie’s Too. Hampton is certainly not the most classy or picturesque beach, but it is definitely fun. Ok, time to stop procrastinating and pack for Florida!

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6 thoughts on “Hampton Beach with Mizpah

  1. Rhea

    We have jokes about how Hampton is a biker’s beach. 😛 But it is fun and lively in the summer anyway, and the fried dough on the strip is delicious. Looks like your pup had fun. 🙂


    1. So true! Although I will see say that a lot of the older sketchy motel type places have been bought, renovated, and turned into condos and the bathrooms/outdoor concert area has been renovated too recently….I won’t call it a gentrification…but its definitely changing haha. Its still a great people watching spot though!!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Rhea

        It’s true! I actually have a friend whose family owns one of those said condos and they summer up there. Nonetheless, the people watching remains sublime. 🙂


  2. My folks and I took many a trip to Hampton Beach growing up and I love that trashy paradise. Hi use to skateboard up and down that strip smoking cigarettes trying to be a badass eating tons of candy and hanging around the arcades.

    Now I surf at Jenness Beach (just up the road) but I always make a point to drive home on the strip on my way home. It’s just so classic…


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