TJ Maxx Finds!

My MS is done!! I finished at the end of last week, and did a little shopping this past weekend to reward myself for all my hard work. I had a TJ Maxx gift card from bridal shower, which was actually an awesome gift because it was more for me, than for the home or the kitchen. I will be honest, I get a little overwhelmed at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. My husband is all like, be a maxxinista! and I’m like omg all these racks to go through. I lucked out though on some good stuff!


These earrings….they were $19.99 and exactly what I was looking for. I had been looking for an every day earring that was the pin cushion style. These are little fake pearls with a little halo of crystals around it. I have really small ear lobes, and these are the perfect size. IMG_4844

This navy blazer is a really light weight, linen type material. The lining is white and navy stripes and it has two gold buttons. Its great for this time of year with the sleeves rolled up just a touch. It was $29.99. Such a great deal. Fits me perfectly too.

IMG_4845Ok, basic white tank top doesn’t seem like such an amazing find but I like having a few white tanks to wear with my printed shorts/skirts. This one is great for $16.99. Its a little flowy which is nice especially if we are going somewhere where I will overeat…you know what I mean. Good white tank tops that aren’t tissue thin are hard to find. The shorts are pink seersucker with navy embroidered anchors. Again, $16.99! They are thin, like you can’t do colored underwear, but that’s ok, we just plan right?

I have been taking classes for this masters for years. Its amazing to be done and have my afternoons and weekends back!!! Everyone have a good Kentucky Derby?? The bar we went to didn’t have mint so I got an old fashioned. We got one of those mint julep kits- mint, sugar cubes, and sugarcane swizzle sticks and did them on Sunday for Game of Thrones! So much mint for just two people haha. They are a pretty drink though.


Happy Monday everyone!! It’s been a good one here because the sun is finally out!!

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