Dinner at Groton’s Gibbet Hill Grill

Groton is an adorable New England town. Cute Main St. with cafes, bakery, and pizza shop, great conservation land and trails, a rail trail for walking & bike riding, plenty of picturesque horse farms, and not one, but two boarding schools. Groton is home to Lawrence Academy & Groton School. Both schools owe their founding in some part to the Lawrence family, which I am actually a descendant from! I am planning to run around both schools this summer, they are gorgeous, you will love them. Groton School was actually in School Ties!

Anyways, Gibbet Hill Farm is walking distance to Lawrence Academy and they have both a restaurant called Gibbet Hill Grill and a function/wedding venue called The Barn at Gibbet Hill.

The menu at the grill is amazing. Entrees were priced from the teens to twenties and steaks could be a little more expensive, but the ingredients are all local. The produce for the most part comes right from their farm! We started with a bowl of the clam chowder. Living in New England, we are kinda spoiled in the clam chowder department. The Gibbet Hill version did not disappoint! It was very creamy, big clams, and great flavor. I do like it a little thicker, but it was delicious. It came in a cute little cauldron too.


Then for entrees, Jon got the shepherd’s pie and I got the potato crispy haddock with bacon and potato corn chowder. Both entrees were amazing. The beef in the shepherd’s pie was awesome, which shouldn’t be a surprise because it is a steakhouse, and the corn chowder that came with my haddock was so good. Jon also got a side of mac n cheese which was huge, so we had that with our dinner the next day too! The bar was great, many choices for wine, beer, and spirits/cocktails. I got a Belgian wit beer and Jon got the Gibbet Hill Brew which is an IPA made by Berkshire Brewing Company.

Below are just some pictures I snapped in the restaurant. The building has the big beautiful wooden beams, a fireplace, adorable navy blue/cream checked table cloths, and an open counter/window into the kitchen which I love. The artwork was all farm related, portraits of prize steers and vintage memorabilia/farm items.


There is some historical significance to the property and a trail system that you can explore seen here. I would really like to go back with the pup to explore and watch the sunset from the hill, and then head into the grill for some chowder 🙂 Jon and I don’t go out to dinner all that often, maybe once a month, so when we do, we like to go somewhere nice and sort of have an experience I guess too. The other places I have on my list are the Colonial Inn in Concord and the Wayside Inn in Sudbury! Where do you go for your special dinners with friends or family?

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2 thoughts on “Dinner at Groton’s Gibbet Hill Grill

  1. Kaela

    Hi Monica! It’s a lovely blog set up you have! I stumbled on your Instagram maybe a month or two ago when I was looking for some preppy style inspiration.

    My sister lives in Groton, and I gifted her and her husband a gift card to Gibbet Hill Grill one Christmas, but I never heard how it was. My coworker friend who went to Lawrence Academy (fancypants!) told me about it, and he loves it there. Now that you’ve literally shown me a picture of the chowder, I must go! Clam chowder is my favorite food.

    I’ve been to the Wayside Inn. The food was good, but I think the building was the most memorable part of the experience. It’s so old and crooked and warped, it feels so different from every other building I’ve been in.

    If you’re ever down southeast Massachusetts/ Rhode Island area, I highly recommend anything in the Newport Restaurant Group. 22 Bowen’s in Newport is my favorite restaurant (outside of Boston), and the Waterman Grille in Providence is lovely, too! Also The Colonel Blackinton Inn in Attleboro, MA is high end classy, historic, little and cute!


    1. Hi Kaela!! Thank you for your kind words! I am also a huge fan of clam chowder, but only the thick kind haha, I always ask to make sure. That’s awesome, I am really looking forward to heading over to Wayside soon. Thank you so much for the recommendations, I will have to add 22 Bowen’s and The Colonel Blackinton Inn to my list! ❤


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