Killington Ski Trip!

This past weekend I got to use my new skis again up at Killington Mountain Ski Resort in Vermont!! We got 22 people together in one house for a really good friend’s birthday. Her husband organized the weekend and told her it was just going to be a few friends and surprise, there were 22 of us ha!

The house we stayed in was unreal. It had its own location on instagram, The Cabin at Bridgewater. It sleeps 25 and is right down the street from Long Trail Brewery, no more than 20 minutes from Killington. The house had a hot tub out on a porch, a grill, a huge fire pit that I didn’t even really see until the snow melted and get this… had a teepee with a fire circle in it too. Crazy. The fireplace at the house was well used as well as the enormous bean bags- perfect for lounging! If it wasn’t so close to my shower, I am sure Jon and I would have found them for our registry!

Now this has not been the greatest year for snow up here, but hats off to the Killington snow makers and groomers, the trails were in pretty good shape! It was a little icy in some spots, and as the day progressed, the huge piles of snow started form as the snow got pushed around. Its a huge mountain though, biggest that I have skied at. My fiancé, Jon, had never been either. It was super easy to sorta get lost and end up somewhere on the mountain by mistake ha.

On the way up to Killington, we stopped at LA Burdick Chocolates in Walpole NH for some unreal hot cocoa and macarons, and then we hit up the Vermont Country Store in Rockingham, not the Weston one. Then we stopped at Long Trail Brewery before heading to the house.

I have fallen in love with LA Burdick Chocolates and can’t wait to visit their locations in Cambridge/Boston!

Here’s some pics from the Vermont Country Store

On our way home from Vermont on Sunday, we stopped at Seven Barrel Brewing in Lebanon NH and then Flying Goose Pub in New London NH. I liked both places, but Flying Goose had a large selection of beers to try, probably close to 20 of their own beers. It was amazing. As we left the cabin, I took this pic from the car. You can see how much the snow has melted.


It’s been a weird winter here. I would definitely love to explore Vermont more! Maybe go back to Killington? Maybe try Stowe next year?? Who’s with me??

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