Gushing review of Everybody Rise

Last night I finished Everybody Rise by Stephanie Clifford. It was really good, a total page turner especially towards the end. This tale is based on a twenty something living in NYC. She went to the right schools and her mom pushed her to be a connected socialite, but it doesn’t really take until she starts working for a social networking site meant for the young socialites i.e. the prep school kids, the trust fund tennis playing gin and tonic drinkin rowin investment bankin twenty somethings. Our heroine starts to fall down the rabbit hole, trying to “make it” in this group. The luxurious life is fun to read about for sure, but inevitably, the train crashes, and my, it is an interesting train wreck.


I loved it….because on some level, I get it. Growing up in youth orchestras in Cambridge/Boston, and now in the horse world, I know what its like to be just slightly on the outside. You really have to be comfortable in your skin and strong in what your priorities and values are. Money is a tough thing, people that have a lot of it can spend how they please. They buy a dress for $300, and its nothing to them. You buy a dress for $300 and you can afford it, you have the money in your account, but that price tag impacts you SO much more. Its relative. Honestly, we all struggle with money, when you have more, you just tend to spend more.

There’s always someone that has more than you. Take care of your own grass. Water it, sing to it, love it. When other people’s grass looks greener or sounds more fun, let that push you to focus on your own life. Let jealousy, the sideways glance at someone who seems to have what you want, help you to refocus on your goals, and the REALISTIC steps you are taking to reach them.

This book brings the reader on a journey of a young woman looking for acceptance. I think we can all sympathize with that longing. It was a great read and I would recommend it to anyone. The next two books I am getting at How to Start a Fire and Luckiest Girl Alive. Annnnnd yes, that’s a library book. I love libraries. Free books. I love my librarians too, they are fabulous.

Read free books friends, its good for your wallet, brain, and soul.

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