Mrs. McCartney’s Tea- Organic Tea from Paul’s Stepmum!

In the winter, I literally will drink tea or cocoa all day. I try to stick to all herbal/low caff in the afternoon though and limit myself to just one cup of cocoa though. Self control with the cocoa can be tough ha.

I love trying new teas, and my family knows it! My aunt got me a variety pack from Mrs. McCartney’s Tea for my birthday and it has been so fun trying the different teas. Mrs. McCartney is Angie McCartney. She was born in Liverpool, UK in 1929 and married Sir Paul McCartney’s father, Jim, in 1964. So she is Sir Paul McCartney’s stepmother. Now she lives in California and sells these amazing, organic, Liverpool/Beatles inspired teas. They are all loose leaf tea in a pyramid tent tea bag and I believe they all have two cups of tea in each bag! A portion of her profits go straight to the Linda McCartney Centre for breast cancer research in Liverpool too, so this is a purchase that gives back!

Here’s how the variety pack and teas are packaged.The sticker labels are all so cute and thoughtfully designed.


The current variety pack for sale here! I think the only difference is the Penny Lane Peppermint in for the Abbey Road Apple. This is what was in MY variety pack:

*Strawberry Green Fields- low caff herbal

{Soooo good, and it smells amazing too!!}

*Rockstar Rescue- caffeine free herbal

{This tea is so calming and soothing}

*Liverpool Red- caffeine free rooibos

{Rooibos is a tea that not everyone loves, I like it though so this is a great tea for me}

*Golden Slumber- low caff green

{This is a very light light green tea. I had this after the Pats lost on Sunday….it helped}

*50 Shades of Earl Gray- med caff black

{WHOA this is a strong tea! I had some almond milk and sugar with this one :)}

*Maharishi Peach- med caff black

{Great if you like a little fruitiness in your black tea, this is my fiance’s favorite}

*Blue Jay Blueberry – med caff black

{Still need to try!- UPDATE tried it, I didn’t care for this one, for me the blueberry flavor with the black tea was bitter}

*Abbey Road Apple- med caff black

{Still need to try!- UPDATE tried it, it has a very light apple spice flavor, very delicious but not if you steep too long!}

*Good Morning!- med caff black British breakfast

{This is another strong tasting tea for me, but in a good way, a great tea to wake up with!}

Growing up, everyone in my family drank tea. It wasn’t until I learned about Dunkin Donuts in high school that I noticed people drank coffee! My dad likes green tea, and he also likes Irish breakfast teas. My mother is a tried and true Red Rose tea woman. She even collected all the little ceramic animals you could get with the proof of purchase things. The women in my mother’s family are all tea drinkers and I have so many good memories of all of us sitting around my grandmother’s table having tea and goodies. My sister and I would have milk, and the goodie was usually just something from the grocery store, often from Entenmann’s. They used to make a pineapple cheese strudel…so good.

My sister swears by David’s Tea, and she used to be really into Teavana. What kind of tea do you drink? I am always looking for new tea recommendations!!!

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