Boston Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty

This spring I was fortunate enough to get to see Sleeping Beauty by the Boston Ballet twice! I had plans to go with my sister since back in February, but then a friend in the pit offered me her comp tickets for opening night and I got to have a little date night with my husband. In what seems like a past life, I played bassoon in youth and adult orchestras in Cambridge/Boston. My former section mate from when I was in a youth chamber orchestra at Longy School of Music is now a professional musician totally killing it. It was SO cool that I got her comp tickets. I look up to her now as much as I did back in the 8th grade, made me feel so important to get her comp tickets haha.

When we went to see it opening night, it was a Friday evening. The audience on Friday and Saturday evenings can be interesting, more adults…..often more intoxicated. My sister and I went on a Saturday afternoon there more of a family/children vibe. Traffic was crappy getting to Boston on the Friday night, but it was a beautiful night. We didn’t really have time to do a sit down dinner, so we grabbed some slices and cannolis from Sal’s Pizza. By a slice, I mean almost a quarter a pizza! We sat on a bench on the common and ate our dinner while doing some people watching. It was definitely 5 star dining as far as  I am concerned!

Beautiful spring evening on the common
This skirt from J. Crew Factory has an elastic waist band- nice for my growing baby bump! Looks like its sadly sold out though! 😦


The ballet itself was amazing as usual. We sat in the mezzanine at the Boston Opera House and had a great view. The story is pretty similar to the Disney movie except the fairies aren’t plump little old ladies, they are majestic ballerinas. The prince doesn’t fight Carabosse (the evil fairy who curses Princess Aurora), the Lilac Fairy does, she is really the hero in the ballet. Finally, the last act in the ballet is a star studded wedding reception for Prince Desire and Princess Aurora featuring Puss in Boots, Little Red Riding Hood with her Wolf, and Beauty with her Beast. The music for “I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream” is actually from the Tchaikovsky score, so you will recognize that tune.

The chandeliers and ceiling details at the Boston Opera House
The reflection of the chandelier lights on my husband’s phone made the sparkle lights on my shirt, ha! I know its a little blurry, but man, it just shows the wattage of those chandeliers!!!
So there is a little window by the men’s room on the second level that looks out over the lobby. Kind of a neat view of the beautiful chandelier there.

The Saturday I went to see the ballet with my sister we had more time before the ballet. We got breakfast from Sip Wine Bar and Kitchen, a restaurant close to the Boston Opera House.  They had a great breakfast menu. We both got the American breakfast and loved the crispy breakfast potatoes and the thick fluffy grilled english muffins. After breakfast we went to walk around the common for a bit. There was a protest going on! We grabbed a cookie at the Cookie Monstah food truck (so delicious) and went to check it out. From what we gathered, one side dressed mostly in camo was supporting free speech, the military, government, and some- Donald Trump. The other side dressed in black- some with helmets on, some with ninja face gear on, seemed to fighting against Donald Trump’s brand of free speech. There were Boston police officers and park rangers all over the place. Very exciting but sort of ruined the scenery of the common. People were on the freedom trail tour walking through that craziness, kinda rough on the tourists I think. Our seats were third row for the Saturday performance which was AMAZING. All the sparkle on all the tutus, so close, it was beautiful.

Everyone else was photographing the protest….annnnd I snapped pictures of the mounted unit, cute pony huh? He looks sturdy, built like a table, short neck, but overall, I would take him!
Ceiling painting in the center of the opera house
Ceiling painting towards the stage of the opera house

Sleeping Beauty is a beautiful ballet. The costumes, scenery, and music are gorgeous. I mean, Aurora wears three different tutus- a pinkish one for her birthday party, a blue one for the dream sequence with the prince, and then a white stunner for the last scene. For this ballet they took some stunning promotional photos at Hammond Castle in Gloucester, MA.

Gorgeous right? Follow @bostonballet on instagram to see more promo materials and behind the scenes pics/vids.

The next ballet I would go to is The Nutcracker, but who knows, I will have an infant then, so all bets are off. Next season is going to be HUGE. Boston Ballet is doing Romeo & Juliet AND La Sylphide next season, total ballet swoon.

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4 thoughts on “Boston Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty

  1. 1. I cannot get over how gorgeous of a theatre it is- that’s rare to see in North America. I could spend hours in the theatre after hours.
    2. Now I just really, really want a cookie.
    3. I love Sleeping Beauty, it’s such a wonderful production! It’s a great “intro” ballet for people who aren’t familiar with ballet but it’s also got a lot of meat for people like us with experience!! Seeing costumes close up is always a treat 🙂
    4. Do you know if musicians in the symphony actually enjoy accompanying the ballet? I always wonder, because it seems like they have more to work with when playing their own pieces!


    1. 1. Oh my goodness, I feel the same way! Probably the other venue in Boston I get the warm and fuzzies for would be symphony hall. I will have to go there sometimes to show you. Stunning.
      2. Yes, and the food truck is available for catering, I seriously just wish it could follow me around all day haha
      3. Agreed! Even with the little changes in the storyline, its still so familiar and beautiful.
      4. So I imagine its tough playing the same piece of music over and over again for the show…but I will say, its a paying gig! Boston I think it very competitive for seats in orchestras, so even though I know it probably isn’t the most exciting stuff, it helps pay the bills 🙂 When I saw my friend had gotten in- I mean people hang on to those gigs for their entire careers! Good, predictable money!


  2. Kaela

    I saw Sleeping Beauty on Saturday night. Overall it was amazing, of course, but personally, I think I prefer The Nutcracker. I was not familiar with the story of Sleeping Beauty at all (I never even saw the Disney version!), so I was confused and I thought it lacked a plot-climax. He kisses her and she wakes up and they get married? That’s it? The dancing was beautiful and the tutus – oh my god, I love tutus. There were a lot of kids sitting near us – they were too young, up past their bedtime, not into it, wouldn’t stay seated and were quite annoying – but they were wearing tutus and I was so jealous. I would totally wear a tutu in public if it were socially acceptable.


    1. Yes! The storyline for the Sleeping Beauty ballet is definitely anticlimactic, I agree. I mean, Carabosse is there at the kingdom when the Lilac Fairy and the Prince arrive and the Lilac Fairy just waves her hands to get rid of her and the Prince just goes in to kiss Aurora? I feel like the wedding dances could be cut shorter in favor of more development 🙂 The kid thing is tough at all ballets, I have definitely had little ones kicking my chair, pulled my hair once, and just general craziness ha. Ballets are long! Tough for the little ones! Totally agree on the tutus, where is our national wear a tutu day??


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